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Controlling VMware Server services

6 June 2009

Setting startup of services to manual

The solution is as simple as it is evident – in other words simply stopping the services from loading automatically at system boot while still making it possible to use VMware Server without having to manually start all services in the expected order.

What we’re going to do to start with is to set all of the relevant services startup to manual, and this is easily done by first clicking on the Start-button followed by using the “Run…”-option to run the command “services.msc”. You should now get an overview over all system services, and you can set each of the services startup-mode to manual by first right-clicking each service and selecting properties followed by the actual adjustments.

    Easily starting and stopping the services

    In order to use VMware Server you would now ordinarily have to go back to the tool previously used, “services.msc”, and starting the services manually, but that frankly seems to be a little too much work to bother with so we’re going to make a couple of batch-files to do this for us. The following two sections detail the contents of these files, and in case you’re wondering you can simply copy the content and paste them in a text-editor such as Notepad and then saving them with an appropriate name. Using them is simply done by double-clicking on them and letting the computer do the rest.

    Contents of “VMware start.bat”:

    @echo off
    echo --- Starting VMware Server services
    net start "VMware Authorization Service"
    net start "VMware Registration Service"
    net start "VMware DHCP Service"
    net start "VMware NAT Service"
    net start "VMware Virtual Mount Manager Extended"

    Contents of “VMware stop.bat”

    @echo off
    echo --- Stopping VMware Server services
    net stop "VMware Registration Service"
    net stop "VMware Authorization Service"
    net stop "VMware DHCP Service"
    net stop "VMware NAT Service"
    net stop "VMware Virtual Mount Manager Extended"

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